Megan Elder Evans​

Author, editor, mom, and homemaker, I rarely allow myself the chance to be lazy.

In 2013, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Master of English degree. Prior to obtaining my degree, I taught Developmental English at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida for two years. In January of 2014, I moved up to teaching Composition and Literature at Valencia. Then, after giving birth to my daughter in early 2017, I left teaching to take care of my two children, and to devote more of my time to writing and helping others become better writers on a one-on-one basis.  

My writing interests are varied, ranging from literary fiction to romance, to fantasy, and even a little sci-fi. Generally, all of my writing has a romantic bent to it. As you explore my works, you will find they are clean: free of profanity and lewdness.  

My free time is spent with my husband and children. They light up my world and inspire much of my writing.

About Megan Elder Evans