Megan Elder Evans​

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Fate's Arrangement

It is the summer of 1346. England and Scotland are at war. Earl Raegenhere Auenel of Berwick and Earl Edmund Garrard of Northumberland want nothing more than to end the bloodshed between their lands, and Earl Garrard’s daughter, Lady Cristiana, is the lynchpin in their treaty. Cristiana has rejected sixteen suitors, terrified of marriage for one reason: death. Descended from a long line of women who died giving birth to their first and only children, Cristiana fears she will befall the same fate if she marries. The only thing that gives her any peace and sense of purpose is her work as a midwife, preventing other mothers’ untimely deaths.

Now, forced by her father to give up midwifery and marry Earl Auenel, she must leave her home and the friends she loves to preserve her life, but fate has other plans. When she takes a wrong turn and accidentally ends up in Scotland, she meets the one man who can capture her heart. Will she give in to fate’s plans for marriage, or will she run again? 

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​​Finding Ada

Ada London is an orphan. Abandoned by her father and left to bounce from one foster home to the next after her mother and grandparents’ deaths, she longs for a connection only a family can satisfy. Kitchi Chisholm is ninety-nine years old and still grieving for his Aunt, having never known what happened to her after she ran off with a man and a suitcase full of money eighty-four years ago. And Ayita Adair is both the cause and the cure for their pain.

In Finding Ada, Megan Elder Evans explores the sacrifices women make to preserve what matters most and the consequences, both heartbreaking and redeeming.

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